long COVID

long COVID

What are the risk factors for long COVID?

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I'm relatively young and healthy, so my biggest fears about COVID right now are about getting long COVID. I'm trying to figure out how worried I should be—who's most likely to get it?

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Here's what the research says about risk factors (so far—this is still early days in long COVID research):

  • Subramanian 2022: Female sex, lower socioeconomic status, smoking, and obesity.
  • Su 2022: Type-2 diabetes, COVID viral load (during initial infection), previous Epstein-Barr infection, and certain auto-antibodies.
  • Asadi-Pooya: Female sex, length of hospital...
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From what I’ve seen: Autism, ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, Hyper-mobility disorders, previous Post Viral Illness, ME/CFS, Autoimmune Disease, High Exercise Routine (oxidative stress), High work stress (oxidative stress), Allergies...

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Gez Medinger already did some research into this: [https://youtu.be/hnPvw20iH80]

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I think having low Mg stores is a big factor in longhaul because acute infections can deplete stores even further. I bounced this idea off a doctor I was working with at the time (who was actually somewhat helpful just didn’t know what to do for LH) so I feel...

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