long COVID

long COVID

What's the definition of 'long COVID'?

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I had (acute) COVID for about a week, but it's been about two more weeks since then and I'm still feeling incredibly fatigued and brain-foggy. At what point do I go from 'a lingering case of COVID' to 'long COVID'?

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Asking "Do I have COVID or long-COVID?" is sorta like asking "Am I short or tall?"—there's no natural dividing line between these categories. To illustrate, here's a chart from the ZOE Health Study that shows symptom duration for people with COVID:

covid symptom duration

This chart shows that a good chunk of...

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FWIW my doctor asked if I'd had symptoms for more than three weeks, and used this as a cutoff point for talking about long COVID. But honestly I don't really have confidence that anyone really knows anything about long COVID.

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I think a good rule of thumb is "symptoms lasting longer than four weeks."

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I never even knew I had covid since I had basically no signs of it. What triggered my long haul was EBV reactivation that set in motion months of hell. I’m on month 9 I think since that and it’s still rough but not as bad. Leading up to my...

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